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1020 N. Campbel
El Paso,  TX 79902
Phone: 915-544-4595

La Posada Home shelter was established in 1986 to assist women and their children who are experiencing domestic violence, suxual assault or human trafficking.

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Success Story

People think that working at a homeless shelter is a depressing job. It is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Seeing people who have been abused, most of the time since they themselves were children, strive and work hard to create a happy, healthy life for themselves and their families is truly rewarding.

Ms. Y was referred to La Posada having exited from a Detox program. She had been addicted to heroin since she was a child. Family members had forced her to take drugs since she was young. Now, she had a one year old daughter and had been clean and sober for several months. She required counseling, parenting skills, education, and day care for her child. La Posada provided for all those needs. She started college, her child was placed in a good day care, and she was even made head resident at the home, since she demonstrated leadership qualities, great responsibility, and was extremely dependable and self-motivated. After many months of assisting her, she was able to leave the shelter to go live with her sister. She has plans to continue with her college education and has proven to be a truly great parent to her little girl.

This is only one story of the many we see everyday of parents trying very hard to leave a life of suffering behind of their road to independence and self-reliance.

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