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Austin,  TX 78760
Phone: 512-267-7233

Advocacy, crisis intervention, and abuse prevention, to address and prevent sexual violence, trafficking/exploitation, and family violence (including child abuse, and domestic/dating violence).

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Success Story

SAFE serves survivors who have experienced a broad range of violence and abuse across their lifespan. In 2021-22, 62% of SAFE clients reported more than one type of victimization. Our program staff shared this story about Lucinda, who has been able to overcome the effects of violence and abuse to achieve healing, safety and stability:

Lucinda experienced severe sexual assault in her early teen years, followed by a long-term abusive relationship, which resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks and difficulty living a normal life. When Lucinda finally decided to leave her long-term abusive relationship, she came to SAFE’s shelter in hopes of finding safety. Counselors at SAFE helped Lucinda develop coping strategies and regain her confidence. Lawyers at SAFE worked with her to obtain a protective order. Now Lucinda lives in her own apartment, has a steady income and ongoing support services.

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Particularly in times of crisis, SAFE relies on friends and supporters like you to ensure that our clients have all they need. We offer flexible and ongoing opportunities including making welcome kits, donating meals, campus beautification, and direct client service. Find out more by visiting
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