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Kid Net Foundation / Jonathan's Place

(aka) Kid Net Foundation

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PO Box 140085
Dallas,  TX 75214
Phone: 972-303-5303

Providing a safe place, loving homes, and promising futures to infants, children, teens and young adults impacted by abuse, neglect or abandonment through emergency shelter, foster care & adoption services, girls residential treatment and more.

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Success Story

A baby being born into this world is usually an occasion for celebrating, but for some babies, the occasion is not so joyous, particularly when the mother is a drug user. The future doesn't look so hopeful for a newborn testing positive for drugs.

Jonathan's Place provides hope for these babies and other children who are innocent victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Jonathan's Place has been a vessel of hope for thousands of children since 1991, and we are expanding our facilities to provide hope to more children in crisis.

Just recently, Jonathan's Place provided hope for a little girl named, Anistasia. Anistasia came to us from Parkland Hospital - only 2 days old and weighing 4 pounds. She is a beautiful baby with jet black, wavy hair and she looks just like an angel when she's sleeping. Her cry is a soft whimper. At birth, Anistasia tested positive for amphetamines because her mother used drugs throughout her pregnancy. Anistasia faces countless medical problems and possible developmental and sensory motor disorders.

Jonathan's Place will provide a nurturing and loving home to help Anistasia overcome the effects of the in-utero drug exposure. With the medical care she will receive while at Jonathan's Place, there's a very good chance she will make a full recovery, without any permanent damage. After she has received countless treatment and loving care, we will search for a loving home to take in this beautiful girl.

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