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1625 Rutherford Lane
Austin,  TX 78754
Phone: 512-651-6126

We are people of faith serving anyone in need, offering 7 social service programs across a 25-county region to help vulnerable populations break out of the cycle of poverty. Your support is a lifeline for families, helping them build a brighter future.

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Success Story

Every evening that Linnea dropped her two-year-old daughter off at her mother's or a friend's house, she swore it would be the last. But for months, it never was.

Linnea had a steady job working in home healthcare, but after her daughter was born she had trouble making ends meet and the two were eventually evicted. The rent debt became an insurmountable barrier to stable housing, as she couldn't sign a new lease until the debt was paid. Linnea lived with friends and family until they could no longer help her. She took any available overnight shifts at work so she would have a place to stay, but most nights she slept in her car, separated from her daughter.

A coworker suggested that she contact Catholic Charities of Central Texas, and Linnea was enrolled in the Financial Stability program. Catholic Charities Financial Stability program works with hundreds of families each year to provide them with the tools, knowledge and support to take control of their finances, acquire stable housing and find financial independence. We strengthen families by giving them a fresh start and the opportunity to thrive in their God-given gifts and dignity.

Catholic Charities paid off her rental debt and move in-costs for an affordable apartment, so Linnea could reunite with her daughter and avoid winter sleeping in her car. Her case manager helped Linnea build a budget, set financial goals and find a certification training to increase her income, so she could start saving money for the future.

Now, when Linnea tucks her daughter in at night, she is at peace knowing that she will always be just steps away.

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