(aka) Lutheran Social Services of the South

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8350 Cross Park Drive
Austin,  TX 78754
Phone: 512-459-1000

Help us break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families, and communities. Together we can give all Texas' children a brighter future.

Email: info@upbring.org
Web Site: www.upbring.org

Success Story

We are changemakers determined to create a world where all children are loved, protected and cherished. As one of Texas' leading children's service providers, Upbring is much more than a child placing and adoption agency. We are raising the standards for child wellbeing, by delivering programs and services that make measurable progress toward five key markers of every child's success: safety, health, education, life skills and vocation. Upbring's life-changing programs include foster care, adoption, education, residential treatment and community services. "When we talk about Upbring, what we always tell people is so great about it is the caseworkers that you work with because they are in your homes a lot, so it's important to have a really good relationship with them. They're knowledgeable about any situation and you can trust them and that is always how we've felt." - The Wright Family, Foster In Texas "After some time and consistencies and a lot of support from the staff, I finally warmed up and stopped focusing so much on what was going wrong in my life and what could be going right. Now I feel like I can do anything. I know that's such a cliché but it's so true. There are so many things that I've done up to this point in my life that I never even fathomed possible for myself and now I think, you know if I can just dream it and put in the work for it, I can do it." - Rachel, New Life Children's Center "BeREAL pays for my rent, my furniture, my utilities - they pay for a lot of things that help me and assist me to focus on my school work, work and doing things necessary to make my future as great as it can be." - Layla, BeREAL

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