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A Kitty's Purrsuit of Happiness

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PO Box 1011
Spring Branch,  TX 78070
Phone: 210-528-1907

We are a no-kill, cage-free unique safe rehabilitation sanctuary for homeless street cats who are injured and have special needs, providing spay/neuter, medical, surgical, vaccination needs, TNR and networking to help all animals.

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Real Life Story

In 2012, a disabled, retired military and special ops veteran of 21 years and his wife, rescued a group of 19 neglected, emaciated sick kitties which included an injured, dying deformed black kitten - with no place for them and no plan. This impulsive act of compassion led them on a journey they could never have imagined.

A Kitty's Purrsuit of Happiness
(KPOH) is affiliated and certified in pet emergency and a licensed drone operator in search and rescue with a professional cutting-edge high tech drone. KPOH is 100% unpaid volunteer and founders are 100% active in all emergency rescues, spay/neuter, veterinarian appointments, daily hospice, several sterilized cat community colony maintenance and have rescued well over 2400 animals since 2012. Several special needs kitties live the remainder of their lives safely and cared for with the highest quality of life possible for whatever time they have within KPOH's specialized cage-free indoor safe haven sanctuary. KPOH is equipped with a rescue van with pet specific first-aid, oxygen masks, capture equipment, stretchers, trail cameras, crates and all necessities to transit locally and throughout the United States.

KPOH is working hard to make even more of an impact to save pet lives by equipping Firefighters with desperately needed oxygen masks designed specifically for animals. The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record in California, with a total of 8,527 fires burning an area of 1,893,913 acres. Each year, fire kills more Americans than all natural disasters combined.


Raise the roof for homeless cats and animals!

Help us be a voice for voiceless abandoned pets in America. Lets make this year a voice for the millions of homeless cats and other animals. Share your story, like our page and post to your social media, use #KPOHCares

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