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People's Community Clinic improves the health of medically underserved and uninsured Central Texans by providing affordable health care with dignity and respect.

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Success Story

When People’s added dental services in 2019, we focused on patients with chronic disease. Today, our dental program is open to all clinic users. In just a few years, People’s has treated nearly 1,000 clients needing x-rays, fillings, prosthetics, root canals, or regular dental check-ups.

At Mrs. Lopez’s first dental visit, she was not only worried and nervous, but also doubtful that the team could help. She explained that due to financial reasons and being underinsured, she sought dental care with a non-accredited practitioner. After failed procedures caused her evenmore pain and suffering, she developed an infection and further toothdecay. This was a dangerous issue for Mrs. Lopez as she is diabetic andhas high blood pressure. Other practicioners recommended removing many teeth to fix the damage, yet Mrs. Lopez did not want to lose her teeth.

Employing a holistic approach, Dr. Diaz developed a care plan to remove crowns and perform new root canals. He advised Mrs. Lopez that addressing her diabetes would be essential for the oral treatment to be successful. Mrs. Lopez put her trust in Dr. Diaz to restore the health and functionality of her teeth.

Mrs. Lopez’s oral and overall health gradually improved and the dental team was able to successfully complete treatment.

“I feel like a new person!” she said during a visit, and commented on how her mental health also improved.

When Dr. Diaz reflected on his experience with Mrs. Lopez, he said, “It’s not always about the functionality, but about the emotional healing, as well.”

Great—and ever-improving—health care is no accident. It depends in critical ways on the generous hearts of donors like you.

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